Keeping You Safe

Boone Hospital Center understands the concern COVID-19 has caused for our patients and communities. We are working to help you and your family return to the activities that bring you joy. Things may look a little different when you return to our facilities, as we are taking many important precautions to keep you and your family healthy and safe:

  • Screening all staff and patients
  • Continuing to thoroughly disinfect exam rooms between each patient visit
  • Maintaining visitor restrictions to limit the exposure to others during your visit
  • Reformatting waiting rooms to enable social distancing
  • Requiring face masks or coverings to enter our facilities
  • Staggering appointments to maintain social distancing and keep a comfortable waiting room environment

Visitor Policy

Starting Tuesday, April 26, our visitor policy will undergo some changes, allowing all patients to have up to 4 visitors per day, including COVID-positive patients if visitors are asymptomatic when they arrive at the hospital. 

  1. COVID-positive patients will be allowed to have limited in-person visitation for up to 4 visitors per day. There are additional requirements for visitors for COVID-positive patients.
    1. Patients are encouraged to use alternative methods of communication, such as video calls.
    2. Visitors must be asymptomatic upon arriving to the hospital. If they develop symptoms after arriving, they will be asked to leave.
    3. Visitors are restricted to the patient's room and should only leave the room only to exit the facility. Visitors must wear a medical-grade mask at all times during their visit, even while in the patient's room.
    4. Visitors will be given education about COVID exposure risks.
    5. For more information, see the COVID-19 Patient Visitation handout »
  2. Patients will be allowed to have 4 visitors per patient per day during our normal visiting hours (0700 to 1900).
    1. ICU visitors must be at least 12 years old. For other areas, visitors must be at least 2 years old.
    2. All visitors, regardless of age, must wear a medical-grade mask at all times during their visit.

Sibling visitation in postpartum:  Families that have delivered a newborn will be allowed to have sibling visits again.

  • Siblings may visit during hospital visiting hours on L&D and Postpartum
  • Siblings must be accompanied by one of the 2 allowed visitors for the day
  • Any child visiting who is over the age of 2 is expected to wear a mask
  • NICU will remain closed to sibling visitation at this time

We understand the importance of visitors to our patients and their families.  We will continuously monitor the situation and adjust our visitation policies as needed.  Safety is our number one priority.

All patients and visitors at Boone Hospital Center will be required to wear medical grade masks. Masks will be provided at hospital entrances.

Studies have shown that medical grade masks provide better protection than cloth masks from the Omicron variant. Patients and visitors arriving at Boone will be required to wear a medical grade mask provided by the facility.  Visitors and patients are expected to wear a mask at all times, including in the patient’s room.  An exception can be made for the patient if their illness prevents wearing a mask.


COVID testing is available at all of our lab locations. If you do not have a provider order for testing, you must be exhibiting symptoms to be tested.

Arriving at Boone Hospital Center

Our hospitals and doctors’ offices have taken the recommended safety precautions. While things may look a little different for a while, we pledge to provide the same high level of compassionate care to you and your family.


Please refer to our Campus Map

Patients arriving at Boone Hospital for the Harris Breast Center, outpatient surgery, ultrasound, nuclear medicine or pre-surgery services may park in lot 2 and use entrance H, the Outpatient Tower entrance located at the south end of the main campus.

All other patients and visitors should park in lot 6, the William Street Parking Garage, or lot 4 and use the main entrance, or lot 16 and use the Emergency Department entrance when appropriate.

At this time, patients coming in for surgeries and some procedures are required to be tested for COVID-19 as part of the standard pre-procedure process. We will work with you to schedule the test and refer you to the proper testing site. COVID-19 testing should be within 4 days if located within Boone County and within 7 days if located outside of Boone County.

For those coming in for an office visit, our staff will guide you through temperature and wellness checks prior to your appointment.

Patients, visitors, and staff will wear medical grade face masks at all Boone Hospital facilities. Masks will be provided at entrances.

We have re-designed our registration process to reduce contact. You will notice additional clear shields around front desk areas and reconfigured waiting rooms. This is intended to protect against virus transmission.

At some of our clinics, you may remain in your car and complete most of the registration over the phone. Then, a member of your care team will provide instructions for you to safely enter the facilities.

Signs and floor decals are being installed throughout our facilities to illustrate the six feet recommended social distance between you and others. Chairs in our waiting rooms and tables in our cafeterias have been rearranged to comply with spacing recommendations.

In addition to our normally stringent cleaning protocols, our environmental services team has increased its sanitization protocols around the facility. You may see additional people wiping down handrails, elevator buttons and chairs throughout the day. Hand hygiene stations are positioned throughout the facility to encourage frequent hand-washing.

Patient meals continue to be prepared in a designated, clean spaces with limited traffic. Additionally, our food and nutrition team has made several changes to reduce the need for staff or visitors to interact with high-touch items in the public cafeterias. Electronic payments are requested in lieu of cash. A member of our food and nutrition team will be happy to serve all the options rather than asking people to self-serve at salad bars or other stations. And, a full array of bottled or canned beverages is available to eliminate the uses of refillable cups or water bottles at this time.

To help protect you the entire time of your stay, we continue to use products in line with CDC recommendations, and our environmental services teams remained focused on proper protocol to disinfect high-touch areas in patient rooms such as door handles, light switches, and tables. The lounging chairs in patient rooms are made of textiles that are easily cleanable. And, traffic in and out of patient room is limited to essential staff and visitors.