Outpatient – Boone Therapy

Boone Therapy is a place where excellence in treatment and advanced technology come together to help people live their best.

Whether a patient has suffered an injury, is recovering from an illness or is feeling the effects of aging, Boone Therapy has coordinated solutions for outpatient treatment.

With special expertise in orthopedics, Boone Therapy has cutting edge technology and proven techniques are used to identify the problem and to create a recovery plan. Then patients work one-on-one with a licensed therapist during hour-long sessions.

Should a need arise, Boone Therapy also has all the resources of Boone Hospital Center, which is located right next door.

When patients need the complete attention of a trained specialist who has access to the latest in therapy technology, Boone Therapy is Mid-Missouri’s best choice.

Why choose Boone Therapy?

  • One-on-one treatment from a licensed therapist
  • Up to hour long sessions
  • The latest therapy technology
  • Direct access to Boone Hospital Center resources
  • Diverse mix of specialists collaborating for best results

Our specialties:

  • General orthopedic services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Women’s health
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hand therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Vistal Stim
  • Voice
  • Balance therapy

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