Back On The Trail

Back On The Trail

By Madison Loethen

Retired Columbia couple David and Melissa Carr are living their retirement to the fullest. They love to travel, and one of their favorite things to do when they visit new places is to go on hikes. They have already been to 46 national parks. The Carrs are always looking forward to their next hiking trip, but they are quick to tell you they wouldn’t be up to it if it weren’t for Boone Therapy. 

Both David and Melissa have benefited from Boone Therapy. In January 2016, David had his right knee replaced by Benjamin Holt, MD, of Columbia Orthopaedic Group. After his surgery, he had appointments with Robin, a physical therapist with Boone Therapy.  

“I already knew Robin because I had been her patient years before for other issues, so I asked to have her again. Recovery from knee replacement surgery was intense. I didn’t know going in how hard it was going to be both mentally and physically. Robin really helped me get on my feet again. After a few weeks of therapy, I was feeling so much better,” says David. 

David ended up having his other knee replaced not long after. Once again, Robin helped him with his recovery. 

“I’d say I have a love-hate relationship with physical therapy. I love how therapy makes me feel and recover, but the work that goes into it isn’t easy. Robin always knows just how far to push. That way, I am doing what I need to do to get better as soon as I can,” says David. 

David also appreciates the educational component of Boone Therapy, saying it helps him to know what is expected of him and why. Patients are given exercises to do at home. The therapist explains how doing those exercises at home and in the session will help them recover.  

In July 2020, Melissa underwent rotator cuff surgery on her shoulder by Bus Tarbox, MD, of Columbia.

Orthopaedic Group. After her operation, she also saw Robin at Boone Therapy. 

“I knew I wanted to go to Robin and Boone Therapy because we’ve always had such a good experience there through the years with David,” says Melissa. 

Melissa and Robin talked about her goals for physical therapy early on. Some of Melissa’s goals were to sleep without pain, to no longer have any movement limitations, and to be able to carry a backpack again while hiking. After months of hard work, Melissa is proud to say she has met her goals. 

Robin says she has enjoyed getting to know the Carrs through the years and that building relationships and trust is an important part of her job. 

“The Carrs are very sweet people, and we are so happy they’ve always chosen Boone. I enjoy talking to them about their kids and listening to stories about their grandkids growing up. I get to hear about their trips and learn about places I may want to visit with my family. Working with families is great because they can get to know you and build trust with you. They also see firsthand how therapy worked with their family member. This helps them understand your knowledge and why you’re asking them to do what they need to do,” says Robin.

Boone Therapy often sees families. The therapists say they love when they are able to help another patient’s loved ones. 

“Sometimes, people will talk to me about how their dad or grandma or son is in pain and needs help. Then they will come in, and we will be able to help them, too. That’s always a really good feeling,” says Robin. 

David and Melissa also love the Boone Therapy Nifong location as it is very close to their house.

“I can actually walk to my therapy appointments sometimes. We were really excited when that location opened, and it has been great,” says Melissa.