Valuing Experience

Julie A. Brown BSN, RN, CAPA, CPAN is known for being a fabulous nurse by her patients and her coworkers. “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I take the ‘mom approach’ I think,” says Julie, “If a patient or a coworker needs a hug, I give them a hug. If they need a little pep talk, I give them a little pep talk.”

Joining the Boone Health team in 2022, Julie’s team was thrilled to have an experienced nurse like Julie join them.

“I spent 38 years at a different hospital and the last couple of years, I just didn’t feel valued. Leadership felt distant or they did not value experience,” says Julie.

Working in the surgical services department, Julie quickly felt at home. “The first day I was so impressed. They have ‘Boone Beginnings’ where leadership came and introduced themselves to us.

Then my manager Galina had lunch with me, and I got to know her and learn about the team,” says Julie.

On her first day on the floor, Julie met her fellow nurses, the support staff, and the medical staff she would be working with. Julie found everyone to be very friendly, and she instantly liked the team approach to patient care. As she went throughout her day, she also found the experience she brought with her to be very valued by her coworkers. They enjoyed hearing her thoughts and learning from her.

Caroline Siener, BSN, RN, Julie Brown and Skylar Gooch, BSN, RN

“Julie cared for perhaps thousands of patients throughout her nursing career, and she continuously shows empathy to each patient, making a true effort to put herself in her patients’ shoes. Also, Julie is taking the opportunity to enjoy the downtime and incorporate a lighthearted attitude. She has a great sense of humor which helps spread positivity to her peers, doctors, patients, and their families,” says Galina RasputinaSimmons BSN, RN, MBA HM.

Julie says she loves her new team and how well everyone works together. “We all work together to take care of our patients and each other. We are quick to offer help if it is needed. Galina and my director Sara Rush are wonderful leaders. They really support and listen to us,” Julie shares.

Sara Rush, MSN, RN, CNOR says she appreciates Julie’s attitude and proficiency. “Julie is an incredibly positive force on our team. Not only is she positive but she contributes a wealth of knowledge to everyone around her. Boone is a better place because of nurses like Julie!”

Rachael Kaminski, PCT/CSA and Julie Brown.

Julie does a garage sale every year to raise money for the Boonville Band Boosters in honor of her late son. She mentioned it at work and Galina and several coworkers offered to donate items. They all said they would again next year as well. “I was so touched,” says Julie.

Julie has been very impressed with the medical staff. “The physicians are wonderful, and they really respect the nurses here. They listen to us and value what we have to say.”

Julie says she loves her job, and she hopes to have a long career at Boone. “I am kicking myself that I didn’t leave my old hospital and join Boone earlier. This is such a wonderful place to work and to be a nurse.”

By Madison Loethen