Forbes Names Boone Hospital Center in List of America’s Best Midsize Employers

Forbes has recognized Boone Hospital Center among America’s Best Midsize Employers in its latest ranking.

This annual assessment, conducted in collaboration with market research firm Statista, involved gathering feedback from over 170,000 workers across the United States. Companies with 1,000 to 5,000 employees were categorized as midsize employers, while those with over 5,000 employees were classified as large. Respondents were asked to evaluate their employers and indicate whether they would recommend them to others.

Feedback was collected from current employees, former employees who had left within the past two years, as well as individuals acquainted with the company through their network. Emphasizing recent experiences, the methodology also incorporated data from the previous three years, with more weight given to newer responses to ensure consistency over time.

Scores were calculated based on the aggregated responses, ultimately leading to the selection of the top 600 organizations as America’s Best Employers for 2024. Boone Hospital Center was ranked 46th.

The Forbes website states, “Look to the companies on this year’s list of America’s Best Midsize Employers, which have distinguished themselves for their ability to keep their employees happy and engaged.”

The full list can be found here.