Terry J Elwing, MD




Dr Terry Elwing specializes in Breast Imaging and Intervention.  She serves as the director of the Harris Breast Center at Boone Health.

After completing her residency, with a focus on women’s imaging, she became an assistant professor and director of radiology at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.  During her time in academics she served as residency director, receiving numerous awards for excellence in education.  Dr Elwing was instrumental in the development and early acceptance of percutaneous breast biopsy as an alternate to surgical excision.  She has given numerous lectures and continues to educate the public in addition to serving as a mentor to medical students and residents with a focus on Breast Health and Cancer Detection.

Dr Elwing moved to private practice at Boone Hospital in 1999 and continues to bring the most up to date technology to the Harris Breast Center.  Boone Hospital became one of the first facilities in the nation to endorse digital mammography and offer this to all patients for diagnostic and screening mammograms.  Boone became the first Breast Center in the region to offer tomosynthesis, leading to detection of smaller cancers and fewer recalls.    Dr Elwing was also instrumental in the early adoption of Breast MRI for diagnostic and interventional procedures.  Soon after, screening breast MRI was offered to high-risk women.

Boone Health uses a reporting platform that allows for compliance with all required state and federal regulations in addition to a robust risk assessment profile.

Every woman presenting for mammography at Boone Health undergoes risk assessment and Breast Density Scoring.  Based on those results, patients may be referred to the High-Risk Breast Center for a more personalized evaluation and screening recommendations that may include screening MRI.

The team of breast surgeons, oncologists and radiologists work together to offer comprehensive care and treatment options to patients undergoing breast cancer treatment and surveillance.

In her spare time, Dr Elwing spends time with her family and enjoys the outdoors.  She and her husband raise registered Hereford cattle on their farms south of Columbia.  Dr Elwing has been married to her husband Mark, for 37 years and they have two grown daughters who are both married with children living in the community. Spending time enjoying and educating the next generation is her newest passion


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