Low Intervention Birthing Options

The family friendly care at the Boone Family Birthplace recognizes the unique choices of families for their labor and delivery experience. Couples are encouraged to develop their personalized birth plan to share with their physician and the nurses at the hospital.

We promote the use of various methods to assist you through the birthing process. We welcome doulas as well as your designated support person and family. We also use holistic methods when requested to increase comfort.

Our desire, like yours, is a peaceful transition to motherhood. Immediate skin-to-skin contact and breast-feeding after vaginal or C-section deliveries may be encouraged.

Low intervention births are supported with resources such as:

  • nurses who are experts in guiding you through labor and delivery process
  • birthing balls
  • birthing peanut balls
  • birthing bars
  • hydrotherapy with warm shower
  • CARE TV channel that provides relaxing visual scenes and music
  • ability to move around and walk with intermittent monitoring and without continuously running IV fluids

At the Boone Family Birthplace, you will receive individualized care from your team of experts.  Your team includes a specially trained labor nurse, a labor and delivery technician and your physician.  We realize that delivering a child is a very personal  experience, so we make sure your team remains small and consistent throughout the process.

In the rare event that you or your baby needs additional care due to complications, you can feel safe knowing that the Boone Family Birthplace is a part of a full-service hospital.  Everything that could be needed is close at hand, including C-section rooms, a level III NICU, interventional radiology, or an ICU if required for mom.