Sleep Center

The Sleep Center at Boone Health is a specialized facility for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Level I comprehensive polysomnography, which includes monitoring of EEG, EOG, EMG, EKG, airflow, respiratory effort, leg movements and oxygen saturation is available for evaluation of disorders such as sleep related breathing disorders, narcolepsy and periodic movements of sleep.

Sleep disorders are diagnosed with a test called a polysomnogram, or sleep study. During the sleep study, your EEG (brain wave activity), EKG (heart rhythm), eye movements, muscle activity, nasal and oral air flow, respiration and oxygen saturation levels are recorded.

A sleep study can tell our physicians:

  • The type, frequency and duration of apnea events
  • The severity of decreased blood oxygen saturation due to apnea
  • The relationship between apneic events and sleep stages
  • The type and frequency of any cardiac events
  • How often your sleep is disrupted

Sleep studies require a referral to Boone Health’s sleep lab from your primary care physician.  Most sleep studies are scheduled for one night, on an outpatient basis. You’ll stay in a private room in the sleep lab, with a television, phone and private restroom. A staff technician will monitor you and attend to your needs throughout the night.

A sleep-credentialed physician will interpret the information collected during your study and send the final results and treatment recommendations to your primary care physician.

Boone Health’s sleep lab is staffed by professionals experienced in sleep disorders. All sleep lab physicians are board-certified in Sleep Medicine through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They consult with other specialists including neurology, pulmonary, ENT, cardiology, psychiatry and other health personnel, as needed.

For more information, contact the Sleep Center at 573.815.8000.