How About These Apples?

I’m kind of picky about my slicing; cucumbers that are thin and floppy don’t “cut” it. With mushrooms I prefer eating them in small pieces rather than big hunks. For me it comes down to a texture thing, and with apples my favorite is to slice them up nice and thin. 


I pretty much eat an apple a day, usually with a sharp cheddar cheese stick for snack. Reasons I eat an apple a day, besides keeping the doctor away…

  • A. I love them
  • B. They store for a while in the fridge
  • C. They are easy to throw in my lunchbox for work. (Okay, let’s be honest – they’re easy to throw in my Walmart bag!)

So my latest thing is this apple slicer I bought that cuts thin slices (16 slices instead of the old-school thick ones that cut 8). I’ve been leaving my slicer at work, and my coworkers have been asking to borrow it because it is that awesome. 

If you wanted to get real creative, I think this slicer would make nice potato wedges for roasted potatoes, too!

Stay well,
Kelsie Knerr, RD, LD