Board of Directors

Boone Hospital Foundation - Board of Directors


Boone Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of 15 representatives who exemplify our medical and local community. These board members selflessly donate their time and talents to help the foundation fulfill the mission of supporting Boone Health in improving the health of the people and the communities that we serve.  The board’s primary responsibility is to lead fund-raising efforts, oversee investment of assets, and recommend allocation of funds for the Boone Hospital foundation.

2023 Boone Hospital Foundation Board of Directors


Board President: Betsy Vicente

Board Vice-President: Dr. James Roller

Board Secretary: Sara Jeffrey

Board Treasurer: Paul Mehrle


Board of Trustees Representative: Jan Beckett

Board of Trustees Representative: Dr. Dianne Lynch

Boone Health Representative: Drew Wilkinson

Active Boone Physician Representative: Dr. Joss Fernandez

Community Members

Wally Bley

Arlene Heins

Genie Rogers

Nancy Thomas

Jolene Schulz

Larry Swindle

Becky Willard

Foundation Staff

Executive Director:  Barb Danuser

Foundation Coordinator:  Bree Anderson