Dealing with medical issues is stressful and the related financial responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. Boone Health wants to help you understand the resources that are available for you and your family.

Financial Assistance

Boone Health recognizes that some patients cannot pay for all or part of their healthcare service. We are committed to providing access to healthcare to all persons, regardless of the ability to pay. We will do this in a compassionate manner that respects each person’s dignity and privacy.


Patients who meet certain income guidelines may qualify for financial assistance.

Eligibility for assistance is based upon total gross income (how much you make before taxes) and the number of dependents (usually spouse and children) in your family. Patients who have special circumstances may receive further consideration. Eligible patients will not be charged more than patients who have insurance. You may apply for financial assistance up to 240 days after you receive your first bill.


Those that are below 300% of the federal poverty guideline may be eligible for full or partial discount.  In the case of a catastrophic medical event, patients who may not ordinarily qualify for financial assistance will be granted aid. Under these special circumstances, patient payment responsibilities in a 12-month period will not be more than 25 percent of annual family income.

Financial assistance applies to services deemed emergent or medically necessary.  Financial assistance will not apply to elective services such as cosmetic surgery.


Click the links below to download our Financial Assistance Application or our Financial Assistance Policy. Alternatively, you can call 888-538-1535 for a free copy of the Financial Assistance Policy and application in English as well as other languages.  You may also pick up an application at Boone Hospital Center 1600 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201.

If you would like a copy of the Billing and Collection policy, please contact 888-538-1535 or visit


  • A complete application for financial assistance
  • Proof of income for 3 months prior (pay stubs, social security award letter, self-employment ledger, etc)
  • A current bank statement

Return all items by mailing to:

CH Allied Services
PO Box 804402
Kansas City, MO 64180

Or email to:

To find out which hospitals, health services, doctors and other practitioners offer Boone Health Financial Assistance, download this list.

Amounts Generally Billed (AGB)

If you qualify for financial assistance, Boone Health cannot charge you more than the amounts generally billed to individuals with health insurance. Learn more about how amounts generally billed are calculated to ensure you are not being charged more than a patient with insurance coverage using the link below.

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