Managing Your Medications

While you are at Boone Hospital Center, your health care team will review which medications you take at home, including sleeping pills, laxatives, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, inhalers and nebulizers. Your care team might need to make changes, so that the medicines you receive are best for you during your hospital stay.

It is important that you keep an updated and accurate medication list. For each medicine you take at home, we always need to know:

  • Medicine Name
  • Dose
  • How Much You Take
  • How Often You Take It

Your home medications can include prescriptions from your primary care providers and specialists, plus over-the-counter medications and supplements.

You are the best source for an accurate home medication list. We create our medication list based on what you tell us – if your list isn’t accurate, ours won’t be, either!

We've made it easy for you to keep track of your home medications with a free list you can print and fill out. 

Tips for keeping an updated list of your home medications:

  • Keep a list of your medications in your wallet, purse or car.
  • Include prescription and over-the-counter medications, supplements and vitamins, inhalers, nebulizer treatments, oxygen, and your CPAP/BiPap settings.
  • Take the list with you to every doctor’s office visit (primary care provider and specialists)
  • Because several doctors may prescribe your medications, be sure you update your list whenever you visit each doctor.

Other ideas for keeping a current medication list:

  • Bring your medication bottles with you to the hospital or your doctor’s office.
  • Take a picture of your medicine bottles and carry it with you or save it on your smartphone.
  • Download a medicine identification app on your smartphone.
  • Share your updated medicine list with a family member. (Remember to give them a new copy each time you update your list!)
  • Use one pharmacy for all of your prescription medications. It’s safer for you because your pharmacy can double-check your medicines and make sure your they are safe to take together. Ask your pharmacy to print you a list of your current prescriptions.