Balance Therapy

If you are limited by instability and falls, let Boone physical therapists assist you in regaining your stability. Whether your balance difficulties came on suddenly after an injury or have slowly developed over time, therapy is often the best tool to diminish your symptoms.

A variety of body systems work together to influence your balance. A special feedback system, called the proprioceptive system, tells your brain where you are in space and how fast you are moving. If this system is not functioning at full capacity, you may struggle to navigate everyday obstacles in your environment. Core, hip and leg strength affect your ability to stand and walk with stability. Vision provides a map of the surrounding environment. However, overreliance on vision can lead to falls in darker environments, often at nighttime. The body’s vestibular system is comprised of a series of canals in the inner ear which help the brain orient where the body is in space. Vestibular dysfunction (make this word a link to Page 15) can lead to dizziness, vertigo, and falls. Together all these systems work together to help you safely move on various surfaces, respond to unexpected changes in the environment, and avoid falls.

Boone’s physical therapists will help you understand the root causes of your balance difficulties. A personalized treatment plan will be designed to address your specific concerns through one-on-one care. Speak to your physician about a referral for balance therapy if you think you may benefit from Boone’s balance therapy program