Speech Therapy

Boone’s speech-language pathologists specialize in improving cognition, communication and swallowing skills. Their wide range of services are designed to help you meet your personal needs and goals. Speech therapy can lay the groundwork for better communication with your loved ones and the community. Your therapist can provide appropriate memory and cognitive strategies for completing important tasks to help you live with more independence. Your speech-language pathologist can also help you maintain your swallow function for safety and satisfaction with eating and drinking. If you are troubled by any of these concerns, speak to your physician about whether a referral to a speech-language pathologist at Boone might be right for you.



Learn memory and cognitive skills needed to perform daily activities successfully and safely.

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Communicate effectively with your loved ones, coworkers, and community.

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SPEAK OUT! ® For Parkinson’s

Improve your ability to effectively communicate with those around you.

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Swallowing and VitalStim™

Safely eat and drink for nutrition and satisfaction.

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Boone’s speech therapists can help your child meet communication and feeding milestones to help your child stay on track and meet their full potential.

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