Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy focuses on teaching the memory and cognitive skills necessary to perform important daily activities safely and successfully. Cognitive impairments may arise from a variety of conditions, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and other neurologic disorders.

During your session, you will be evaluated and receive one-on-one care from a speech-language pathologist. Your specialist can help you address difficulties remembering important information. They can guide you in using appropriate problem solving and reasoning skills to improve safety in your environment. You will learn how to plan and organize important tasks. Your speech-language pathologist can help you break down and sequence the steps of your favorite activities so you can continue to participate in them with success. Therapeutic tasks may target a range of activities that include remembering to take your medication, sequencing the steps for making your morning coffee, participating in your hobbies, and using planning and organizational skills to accurately complete tasks at your job. Our goal is to teach you strategies to help you engage in and complete your everyday tasks and activities as safely and independently as possible.