Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema presents as a swelling of a limb or other body parts when the lymphatic system is not functioning normally.  Occupational therapy plays an important role in managing the symptoms of lymphedema.

You can expect your therapist to seek a detailed understanding of how your daily life is impacted by lymphedema and to conduct a thorough assessment of your affected limb. Boone’s occupational therapists are specially trained in treating affected limbs using bandaging, manual lymph drainage, personalized exercises, skin care, and compression garments. These treatments aim to facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluid back towards the heart to and prevent it from pooling in certain areas of the body.

Your one-on-one care will provide you with knowledge regarding your condition and any potential complications you may face. Our goal is to empower you to understand your condition and to build the confidence to self-manage your swelling and other symptoms. Your occupational therapist will help you develop problem solving strategies to improve your independence in all your daily activities. Ask your physician about a referral to Boone Occupational Therapy if you think lymphedema therapy may be right for you.