Manual Therapy

Chronic pain and discomfort can be overwhelming and limit you from performing your normal daily routines. Sometimes exercise alone isn’t enough to break the pain cycle. Boone’s physical therapists are trained in a variety of hands-on techniques to stop pain in its tracks and help you recover faster. Your therapist may use a mixture of their hands and tools to help mobilize your muscles, joints and soft tissues. Check out some of the techniques used at Boone Therapy:


Using gentle touch, this treatment involves assessing and mobilizing soft tissues as they relate to one another throughout the body. It is designed to address restriction related to the central nervous system and can assist the global tension and pain.


Dry Needling involves inserting a very thin needle into muscle tissue to affect change at a neuromuscular level. While the use of needles can be intimidating, Boone’s highly skilled physical therapists are specially trained in the use of dry needling to speed up your recovery process with minimal discomfort. It provides quicker and longer lasting relief than many traditional treatments. Dry needling has been shown to:

  • Decrease pain and muscle tension
  • Improve blood flow
  • Positively affect changes in the central nervous system
  • Decrease nerve hypersensitivity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Accelerate healing time


This technique involves the use of a specialized tool to mobilize the skin, fascia, muscles, and tendons. Patients often experience improved blood flow, decreased pain and tension, and improved flexibility in the treated region.


Using a muscle’s own force, gentle muscle contractions are used to inhibit muscle “guarding” and gently lengthen a muscle. Compared to regular stretching, this technique offers a faster, more effective path to gaining flexibility and decreasing pain.


After assessing soft tissue tightness and restriction, myofascial release can be used to gently mobilize muscles and the soft tissue layers surrounding them. This treatment works on a broad level to treat pain and tension globally throughout the body


Strain-counterstrain is a very gentle, hands-on technique used to slacken and decompress chronically tight muscles. The process targets trigger points and helps decrease muscle “guarding” in areas that are constantly resting and an over-tightened state.