BEE Award

Boone Health presents the BEE Award for employees who Bring Excellent Experiences, to recognize them for Being Exceedingly Exceptional. The BEE Award was established by Boone Health to recognize patient care staff members who support registered nurses in delivering exceptional care to our patients and uphold our standards of excellence.

In 2018, Boone Health started the DAISY Award for registered nurses. Just as the daisy cannot survive without the bee, nurses cannot survive without the outstanding teamwork provided by other health care professionals.

Throughout the year, 6 staff members who stand out and provide excellent care above and beyond their daily duties will be presented with the BEE Award. Like the DAISY Award, BEE Award winners can be nominated by patients, families, employees and more. Nomination brochures will soon appear alongside our DAISY nomination forms throughout the hospital, as well as an online nomination form.

We would like to thank the Boone Hospital Foundation for their support of this endeavor.