Nursing Residency

As a nurse, your education doesn’t stop after nursing school. Caring for patients in a clinical setting will provide constant opportunities to learn. If you’ve recently graduated from a nursing degree program and are in your first year working in a direct patient care setting,  Boone Hospital Center’s Nurse Residency Program can support you in your transition from student nurse to professional nurse. 

This year-long program uses both classroom learning and on-the-job experiences to help you build upon your existing clinical skills, feel more engaged as a partner on your health care team, and strengthen your commitment to nursing.

The Nurse Residency Program can help you:

  • Improve your decision-making skills, clinical judgment and performance
  • Develop clinical leadership skills
  • Form a professional development plan
  • Incorporate research-based evidence into your patient care practices
  • Learn to become a leader at the point of care
  • Feel more engaged as a Boone Hospital Center teammate

About the program

Our nurse residency program is based on the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ which is evidence-based, used throughout the nation, and has a proven track record of success. The program includes an evidence-based curriculum developed by experts from academic medical centers and nursing schools across the country. The program focuses on leadership, patient outcomes, and developing in a professional role. Boone Hospital Center’s nurse residency program is interactive and fun as well as educational. It gives you the opportunity to bond and share your experiences with other new graduate nurses.

Program features:

  • Monthly educational seminars (at least 4 hours each; seminars are paid time)
  • Structured educational experiences designed to develop your clinical reasoning and competence in your nursing practice
  • Completion of an evidence-based project that can change clinical practice
  • Guidance from dedicated, trained preceptors
  • Clinical mentorships with expert resident facilitators and preceptors
  • Membership in a supportive cohort with other first-year nurses
  • “Tales from the Bedside” sessions provide a safe climate for support and group discussions
  • Online support and professional networking opportunities with the Nurse Residency Program Meeting Place
  • Professional growth in a safe, supportive environment
  • Mentoring on a professional development plan
  • Opportunities to gain experience in clinic practice
  • An environment committed to learning

What are the program requirements?

Our Nurse Residency Program is for nurses working in a direct patient care role in their first year after graduation. The program requires a commitment of one year and completion of an evidence-based research project.

How do I join the program?

Accept a Graduate Nurse position and join the program!

If have questions about the nurse residency program, contact Emily Reinkemeyer, nurse residency program coordinator, at 573.815.3257 or

Please apply for Graduate Nurse at Boone Hospital Center. Contact our nurse recruiter Kim Farris at 573.424.9625 or or Carly Spalding at 573.530.7095 or