Surgical Services

When it comes to patient safety and satisfaction, Boone Hospital Center has no equal in mid-Missouri. Our surgeons have been with Boone Hospital for 15 years on average and include specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic, plastic, orthopedic, vascular, ophthalmologic, urologic, oral, neurologic, otolaryngologic, dental, gynecologic, and general surgery. 

Our surgical staff is backed by highly skilled, experienced nurses and top-notch technology and facilities. We have 22 state-of-the-art operating rooms designed for specific surgeries and procedures, a pre-operative area to help patients prepare for surgery and post-operative areas to assist with recovery after surgery.

With this roster, we deliver some of the highest-rated surgical results in the nation, with the compassion that Boone is known for.

Having surgery at Boone?

Our guide can help you and your family know what to expect.