The Harris Breast Center at Boone Health offers the latest in screening and diagnostic breast imaging technology to improve the early detection of breast cancer. The staff and physicians at the Harris Breast Center are honored to be a part of your breast health care team.

Digital 3D mammography, also known as Breast Tomosynthesis, has been performed at Boone Hospital since 2012.  This  imaging technology is designed to provide clearer, more precise images of breast tissue.

3D mammography uses a computer to take several smaller images within seconds, providing a view of the breast tissue in thin slices.  The breast tissue can be examined one thin layer at a time, allowing the doctors to see different structures within the breast, as well as the location, size, and shape of any abnormal tissue.  Fine details, such as small cancers, are more visible and less likely to be hidden by overlapping tissue.

What will my mammogram be like?

Your mammogram will be performed in a private suite by a female technologist who is certified in breast imaging.  A screening mammogram takes multiple views of each breast, from above and from the side.  A diagnostic mammogram may contain standard views and/or additional views of a specific area.

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How are the mammogram images obtained?

Images are obtained by firmly and briefly pressing the breast tissue between a compression paddle and an imaging plate.  Adequate compression is essential to detect subtle abnormalities.

How do I prepare for my mammogram?

There is no preparation necessary for a mammogram prior to your arrival at the Harris Breast Center.  Before the exam, you will be taken to your private dressing room and asked to undress from the waist up, change into a soft gown, and remove any powder, deodorant, lotion and/or perfumes from your underarms and breasts.  Wipes and additional deodorant will be available for your comfort and convenience.

How will I get the results of my mammogram?

Your mammogram and any other related exams will be interpreted by the Harris Breast Center’s radiologists who specialize in breast imaging.  Your screening mammogram report will be finalized within 24 hours and delivered to your referring health care provider.  A results letter will also be mailed to you.  Should your mammogram results recommend further imaging, the Harris Breast Center team will call you 1-2 days following your screening mammogram to schedule a diagnostic mammogram or other testing.

If you had a diagnostic mammogram, you will know before you leave your appointment whether or not further testing is required. Your report will be finalized within 24 hours and delivered to your referring health care provider and a results letter will also be mailed to you.  Please call your referring health care provider if you have questions or concerns about your exam results.

Can I access my mammogram results online?

Yes! Boone Health Connection is our online patient portal that allows you to access your own laboratory and imaging test results online.

For additional information, visit our Breast Health page.