Board of Trustees

BHC - Community Board Members

Jerry Kennett, M.D.


Jerry Kennett, MD, is the Senior Active Partner of Missouri Cardiovascular Specialists. He started the interventional cardiology program at Boone Hospital in 1981. Dr. Kennett is a past-president of the Missouri State Medical Association, former member of the American College of Cardiology Board of Trustees and is currently a member of the American Medical Association Foundation Board of Directors. In March of 2012, Dr. Kennett was honored with the designation of Master of the American College of Cardiology. He served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Boone Hospital Center for 5 years and presently serves as Chairperson of the Boone Health Board of Directors. 

BHC - Community Board Members

Bob McDavid, M.D.

Vice Chair

Bob McDavid, MD, graduated from the University of Medicine School of Medicine. He practiced obstetrics & gynecology for 27 years at Boone Hospital. After serving on the Boone Hospital Board of Trustees from 1998-2010, Dr. McDavid served as Mayor of Columbia for 2 terms. He rejoined the Boone Health Board of Directors in 2019.

BHC - Community Board Members

Jan Beckett


Jan Beckett has been involved with healthcare for over 50 years - as a critical care nurse Business Manager of her husband's medical office for almost 25 years. After retirement, Jan has focused on voluntary non-profit leadership holding roles with the Assistance League of Mid-Missouri, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the Robert W. Plaster School of Business at Columbia College, Columbia Metro Rotary and the Board of the Boone Hospital Foundation.

BHC - Community Board Members

William “Barry” Orscheln


After earning degrees from Central Methodist University in Business Administration and Economics, Mr. Orscheln returned to Moberly in 1977 to grow the family business. In 1990, he became president of Orscheln Industries, a privately owned group of diversified companies in manufacturing, commercial real estate and retail. Mr. Orscheln also serves as a Commissioner of the Missouri Department of Conservation and Director of Citizens Bank & Trust.

BHC - Community Board Members

Judy Starr


Ms. Starr has been with Central Bank of Boone County for over 30 years and takes an active role in the community, serving as treasurer for the Central Missouri Food Bank’s Board of Directors and Budget and Finance Committee Co-Chair with the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.


Board of Trustee meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month at noon in conference room 1C of the south tower of Boone Hospital Center, 1600 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, unless otherwise noted. For more information, call 573.815.3210.

Executive Session:

A. Motion under subsection (2) of Section 610.021 RSMo. to convene an executive session and close the meeting and records pertaining to the possible leasing, purchase, or sale of real estate.

B. Motion under subsection (12) of Section 610.021 RSMo. to convene an executive session and close the meeting and records pertaining to the terms and conditions of a negotiated contract.

C. Motion under subsection (3) of Section 610.021 RSMo. to convene an executive session and close the meeting and records pertaining to potential legal causes of action or privileged legal communications.

D. Motion under subsection (14) of Section 610.021 RSMo. to convene an executive session and close the meeting and records pertaining to matters protected from disclosure by law.


04.22.24 Open Session
03.25.24 Open Session
02.26.24 Open Session | Minutes
01.22.24 Executive Session
01.22.24 Open Session | Minutes


12.18.23 Executive Session
12.18.23 Open Session | Minutes
11.27.23 Executive Session
11.27.23 Open Session | Minutes
10.23.23 Executive Session
10.23.23 Open Session | Minutes
10.06.23 Executive Session
09.25.23 Open Session | Minutes
09.22.23 Executive Session
08.28.23 Open Session | Minutes
07.24.23 Open Session | Minutes
06.26.23 Open Session | Minutes
05.22.23 Open Session | Minutes
04.24.23 Open Session | Minutes
04.18.23 Executive Session
04.05.23 Executive Session
03.27.23 Open Session | Minutes
02.27.23 Open Session | Minutes
01.23.23 Open Session | Minutes
01.10.23 Executive Session


12.29.22 Executive Session
12.19.22 Open Session | Minutes
11.21.22 Open Session | Minutes
10.22.22 Open Session | Minutes
10.04.22 Executive Session
09.29.22 Open Session | Minutes
08.22.22 Open Session | Minutes
07.25.22 Open Session | Minutes
06.27.22 Open Session | Minutes
05.23.22 Open Session | Minutes
04.25.22 Open Session | Minutes
03.28.22 Open Session | Minutes
02.28.22 Open Session | Minutes
01.24.22 Open Session | Minutes
01.21.22 Executive Session


12.27.21 Open Session | Minutes
11.29.21 Open Session | Minutes
10.18.21 Open Session | Minutes
09.20.21 Open Session | Minutes
08.16.21 Open Session | Minutes
07.19.21 Open Session | Minutes
06.21.21 Open Session | Minutes
05.17.21 Open Session | Minutes
04.19.21 Open Session | Minutes
04.07.21 Executive Session
03.29.21 Executive Session
03.15.21 Open Session | Minutes
03.03.21 Executive Session
02.15.21 Open Session | Minutes
02.03.21 Executive Session
01.29.21 Executive Session
01.18.21 Open Session | Minutes
01.06.21 Executive Session